Editorial Complaints Policy

Editorial Complaints Policy

At Kiss My Vape, we strive to maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity and excellence. We value the trust of our readers and are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints regarding our content promptly and fairly. This Editorial Complaints Policy outlines our procedures for handling and resolving editorial complaints.

Submitting a Complaint

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our editorial content, including articles, images, or any other published material, please follow the steps below:

  1. Contact us: Submit your complaint by sending an email to [email protected]. Please provide a detailed description of your complaint, including the specific article or content in question, the date of publication, and the nature of your concern.
  2. Include supporting evidence: If applicable, include any supporting evidence or documentation that can help us understand and investigate your complaint effectively.
  3. Provide your contact information: To facilitate our communication and resolution process, please include your full name, email address, and any other relevant contact information.
  4. Respectful communication: We expect all complaints to be submitted in a respectful manner. We reserve the right to disregard any complaints that contain offensive, defamatory, or abusive language.

Our Response and Resolution Process

  1. Acknowledgment: Upon receiving your complaint, we will acknowledge the receipt within a reasonable timeframe, typically within five business days.
  2. Thorough review: We will conduct a thorough review of your complaint, including examining the relevant content and consulting with the involved parties.
  3. Investigation: If necessary, we may initiate an internal investigation to gather additional information and ensure a fair assessment of the complaint.
  4. Resolution: Once we have completed our review and investigation, we will provide a written response to your complaint. This response will outline our findings, actions taken (if any), and any additional steps that may be necessary to address the complaint.
  5. Privacy and confidentiality: We treat all complaints with utmost confidentiality. Your personal information will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and used only for the purpose of investigating and resolving your complaint.
  6. Timely resolution: We strive to resolve complaints promptly and efficiently. However, some complex issues may require additional time for thorough investigation. In such cases, we will provide regular updates on the progress and expected resolution timeframe.


If you are dissatisfied with our response to your complaint, you may request that your complaint be escalated to a higher level within our organization. We will provide you with the appropriate contact information for further escalation.

External Mediation

If, after exhausting our internal complaints resolution process, you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you may seek external mediation or arbitration from an independent and recognized authority.

Commitment to Improvement

We value all feedback and complaints as opportunities for improvement. Your feedback helps us uphold our commitment to journalistic integrity and enhance the quality of our content. We will use the insights gained from complaints to continually evaluate and refine our editorial practices.

Contact Us

If you have an editorial complaint or any questions regarding our Editorial Complaints Policy, please contact us at [email protected].

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