Can i use CBD lip balm for calmness?

As we venture further down the CBD product line, one of most interesting products in the range is the CBD lip balm. This is a CBD topical cream that you apply to your lips and it has a whole range of benefits.

Cannabidiol is being used in skincare goods as there are therapeutic benefits for our skin. There are many products like massaging oils, facials and also lip balms. It’s gotten to the stage where CBD is literally being used everywhere, in every product.

An example is CBD serum (50ml, 500g CBD), which can be applied directly to the skin for soothing benefits. It acts as a moisturiser and is very effective.

But how does CBD work in lip balms and is it time for you to make the switch and start purchasing these goods for your own benefit?

Benefits of CBD Lip Balms

Once applied, the CBD extract in lip balm will focus on the dryness of your lips, ensuring they aren’t dry or damaged. CBD has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which is why  it’s used in order cases, such as facials, as it targets acne and ageing skin to give a more natural, healthy look. If you suffer from chapped skin, whether it be on your lips or other areas of your body then a CBD balm is a safe and reliable remedy.

There is a study to suggest that CBD lip balms also remove many bacteria which will be causing further issues to your lips. If you suffer from any sort of irritation around your lips then applying this balm will target those areas and leave you with more comfort. In a way you could say this in itself is enough to help you feel calmer and more at ease.

The type of CBD lip balm you buy can affect you differently. CBD lip balms can contain slightly different ingredients which will then affect how you feel and what benefits you get from the balm. In some cases, you might not even be after balms at all, you may be using a CBD solid.

When looking for ingredients, make sure you get a lip balm that contains little to no THC. The reason for this is because THC is the compound within Cannabis that can cause you to feel “high”. There requires a certain amount of THC dosage to feel high and even with a small amount, like some of the amounts listed in the products, you won’t feel any effect so you don’t need to worry.

There is no complete study to suggest this but it is argued that if the product does contain a slight dosage of THC, this can contribute towards calmness.


To conclude our thoughts on whether or not we believe that CBD  lip balms will help with calmness, there is no direct correlation or evidence to support this argument, however you could certainly suggest that the direct benefits of these lip balms, such as easing of pain, restoring the health of your lips, being an anti-inflammatory, etc are factors that would help you to feel calm. The healthier your lips are feeling, the better you will feel.

Anastasia Filipenko