4 corners cannabis review 2022

Generally, we liked our review for 4 Corners Cannabis. It involved surfing through the brand’s website, ordering items from it, reaching out to the customer care department, and analyzing the ordered products. 4 Corners Cannabis has a well-designed website that supports people with a wide range of disabilities, including those whose cognitive abilities have declined, the visually impaired, and other common disabilities. While the website does not have an About Us section, it does have an elaborate FAQ section that details dosage information for every product in the company inventory and answers common CBD-related questions. Moreover, the CBD product inventory for 4 Corners Cannabis is fairly decent, and includes full-spectrum tinctures, topicals, edibles, and pet items. Moreover, there a THC-free line with products CBD lovers who don’t want a taste of THC can have. We also appreciated the several avenues available for communication, including an instant messaging feature, email address, and a phone number. Still, one can access the brand’s office via the physical location address given.

About the Company

4 Corners Cannabis was launched in 2013, and has close to a decade-old experience in the CBD arena. It was started by Brian and Justin Jasiewicz, two brothers formerly involved in cannabis growing. Seeing the incredible therapeutic potential of CBD, they felt inspired to produce high-quality CBD products to help people benefit from the power of CBD, and that’s how the brand was born. It offers, complete- and broad-spectrum CBD items, including tinctures, pet items, topicals, and edibles. The brand’s average price point ranges from $0.02 to $0.07 per mg CBD, which is well within the market range.


The following specs define for 4 Corners Cannabis CBD company;

  • The brand deals in complete-spectrum products
  • A THC-free line available
  • Extraction consumption methods include topicals, tinctures, edibles, and pet items
  • Extraction method utilizes food-grade ethanol
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Allergy-friendly products
  • Veteran discounts
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee applies
  • Free shipping available for products worth $100 and above
  • Shipping is domestic
  • 3rd party testing for THC and CBD
  • Partial contaminant testing
  • The total CBD concentration ranges from 40 mg to 14000 mg
  • Items cost $2.99- $399.99
  • The average price point ranges between $0.02- $0.07 per mg CBD
  • Edible products guarantee taste

Hemp Quality

The quality of hemp used to manufacture CBD products determine the final outcome, ultimately influencing customer response. As such, reputable brands focus on using high-quality hemp to manufacture their CBD items, and 4 Corners Cannabis is no exception. It sources its organic non-GMO hemp from the organically and sustainably grown Colorado farms. In such farms, pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals are not used, and the brand entirely relies on organic manure and farm techniques. The brand then uses food-grade ethanol extraction to strip off CBD from the hemp surface.

Buying Experience

We loved our buying experience at 4 Corners Cannabis. The brand has a well-designed website that supports people with a wide range of disabilities, including the visually impaired and those with declining cognitive abilities. The Shop button of the website has various categories for the products in the brand’s inventory, and include tinctures, pet items, topicals, and edibles. Moreover, there are bundled deals an individual can take advantage of and save a few bucks.

After shopping, you need to check out, and the site allows you to fill in your billing details and physical location address for order’s shipping. The brand offers a 10% off for new buyers, and one submits his email address and has the coupon code sent for him to unlock the discounts. For orders worth $100 and above, 4 Corners Cannabis offers free shipping while any orders below $100 are shipped for $7.75, regardless of the destination. There is only one shipping option, USPS.


The Food and Drug Administration does not regulate the production of CBD products as it does drugs. As such, CBD laws require CBD brands to conduct third-party tests to examine products for THC and CBD potencies, and accuracy. We are happy to say 4 Corners Cannabis does fairly well in this regard, and conducts CBD and THC potency tests. Moreover, it partially tests for contaminant purity since some items had contaminant test results included in their certificate of analysis (CoA), while others did not have that information.


As far as accuracy is concerned, 4 Corners Cannabis needs to improve since it does not conduct purity tests for all items and its THC/CBD results are not entirely accurate. For instance, the 1000 mg Earthy Avocado tincture had 1028.14 mg CBD, as opposed to the 1000 mg indicated on the labels. This translated to a 3% CBD variance, which is well within the 10% acceptable variance limit. Nonetheless, the total THC content was 1%, which is more than thrice the 0.3% allowable limit.

Manufacturing Process

4 Corners Cannabis calls itself the ‘soil-to-oil’ or ‘farm-to-bottle’ brand since it conducts all the processes involved in producing their complete-spectrum CBD, including hemp breeding, growing, harvesting, and preparation, processing, and CBD oil manufacture. It sources its hemp from the Colorado farms where organic and sustainable farm techniques are applied to produce high-quality hemp. The brand claims that having full control over all processes saves costs, helping stay sustainable in the CBD arena, and also ensures accountability of every single ingredient used in the products.

The organic and non-GMO hemp grows to maturation in the Colorado farms, after which the plants are harvested and left to dry as part of preparing the high-quality hemp for processing. Once ready, the hemp is taken to the manufacturing facilities where ethanol-grade extraction method is employed to strip CBD oil from the hemp surfaces. The final products are in complete-spectrum CBD, although it also boasts THC-free products for CBD enthusiasts who do not like THC for its psychoactive properties. 4 Corners Cannabis uses additional ingredients, all organic and 100% natural, to improve CBD product quality. For instance, its oils are formulated with glycerin, MCT oil, hemp seed, or avocado oils for increased bioavailability.

The next stage is 3rd party testing which is a quality and control strategy CBD recommends for brands to ensure the products are pure and that their products deliver the labeled cannabinoids. 4 Corners Cannabis adheres to these regulations, and tests its items for CBD and THC potencies, thereafter posting the results online. Moreover, the certificates of analysis on the brand’s website indicate the brand conducts partial contaminant testing, whereby select products are tested for standard contaminants, including microbials, mycotoxins, solvents, and residues.

Range of Products

Although 4 Corners Cannabis is among the oldest CBD brands in the market, its product lines are not as extensive. Here are the CBD items in the brand’s inventory that you can also order from the 4 Corners Cannabis website;

4 Corners Cannabis CBD tinctures

The brand offers CBD tinctures incomplete- and full-spectrum formulations, and also provides a THC-free version. They are either in in 15 ml (250 or 500 mg CBD) or 30 ml (1000 or 2000 mg CBD) bottles. They are all ethanol-extracted and feature 100% natural ingredients, including MCT, avocado, or hemp seed oils.

4 Corners Cannabis CBD Topicals

4 Corners’ topical line includes complete-spectrum and THC-free CBD salve balms, salve sticks, massage oils, and lotions. The total CBD concentrations in the products range from 40 mg to 1000 mg. Besides, they feature additional ingredients, including jojoba oil and MCT bases.

4 Corners Cannabis Pet Items

Do you have a furry friend? You can boost his health using 4 Corners Cannabis CBD pet items. The brand offers complete-spectrum CBD tinctures that according to the website, helps the animals manage stress and boost their overall well-being. Moreover, there is a THC-free version of the tincture but all the tinctures feature MCT oil for increased availability. They come in various sizes, including 10, 15, 30, 120, and 240 ml, and the total CBD concentrations range from 250 mg to 14,000 mg.

What We Like About the Company

While reviewing 4 Corners Cannabis, we identified many likable things about this brand. As such, we appreciated the following;

  • 4 Corners Cannabis conducts 3rd party testing for its CBD products to examine products’ THC and CBD potencies
  • The CoA are available online for easy viewership by web visitors
  • 4 Corners Cannabis uses organic, non-GMO hemp to manufacture its CBD products
  • The brand’s website is simple, allowing easy surfing and offers a great shopping experience
  • There are various methods of consulting the company’s customer care desk, and once can use the instant messaging feature, a phone number, physical local and email addresses
  • The brand’s edible products guarantee taste and their average price point is well within the market range
  • 4 Corners Cannabis has a money-back guarantee through which it assures dissatisfied clients full refunds when their claims are approved
  • The brand also offers free shipping for orders worth $100 and above, which is a good support mechanism
  • 4 Corners Cannabis has bundled deals and a 10% off for all clients and first-time buyers, respectively, helping them save a few bucks when they buy products from them
  • The website’s FAQ section addresses dosage information for the brand’s products and addresses common concerns related to CBD and the associated topics
  • The brand boasts CBD research, thereby producing high-quality products

What We Do Not Like About the Company

Although there is so much to be admired about 4 Corners Cannabis, the brand still has room for improvement. Here are some of the kinks we identified about the brand;

  • The $100 threshold for free shipping is some ow high and not all clients can attain it
  • The brand does not offer CBD isolates for enthusiasts who would not like other cannabinoids than CBD
  • Although 4 Corners Cannabis boasts years of experience in the CBD arena, it has a narrow product
  • The brand’s website lacks an About Us section
  • The ethanol extraction used to strip CBD from hemp surfaces may leave solvent traces in the final products
  • It does not offer capsules

Our Verdict

Our review for 4 Corners Cannabis was good. The brand deals in a decent inventory with complete-spectrum and THC-free CBD products, including topicals, tinctures, edibles, and pet items. 4 Corners Cannabis’ strongholds include the 30-day money-back guarantee, $100 free shipping threshold, expansive CBD research, and THC/CBD potency tests. However, it does not test all items for contaminants, exclusively offers domestic shipping, lacks an About Us section on the website, and the $100 threshold for free shipping is a bit high and non-attainable by all clients. As such, improving in these areas will help the brand realize better milestones.

Anastasia Filipenko